3 Places to Meet Khmer Ladyboys in Sihanoukville

Don’t worry, everything is alright. Just because you are reading this post and thinking how it might be to have a sexual experience with a Khmer ladyboy that doesn’t mean you are gay. Cambodia has, along with Thailand and the Philippines, the highest number of super-attractive transgenders in all of Asia, if not in the world.

And Sihanoukville is, along with Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, among the best places in this country to meet them. Even though you might not find nearly as many ladyboys in this beach town compared to Pattaya or Angeles, there are still more than you could handle. Sure it’s always good to have a selection of dozens if not hundreds of sexy shemales every night but then again you are (probably) only hooking up with one of them.

The most important thing you should know right away: There are no dedicated, 100% only ladyboy bars in Sihanoukville. Or any type of venue like massage, karaoke, brothels etc. The way it is here is that the ladyboys are among the girls in the red light venues. But then don’t believe there are only hookers and prostitutes, of course you can also meet normal Cambodian ladyboys for free (see the end of this post).

Anyway, I think the best way to structure this post is by describing the three different ways to meet transgenders in Sihanoukville so you get the best possible overview and can make up your mind on what works best for you:

Ladyboy Bars in Sihanoukville

Ladyboy in Sihanoukville

As already mentioned there are no “ladyboy-only” bars in Sihanoukville and so they are rather hanging out in the normal girly bars. However, you don’t usually see any of them on Sihanoukville Square and Walking Street (near Serendipity Beach) but mostly in the bars on Victory Hill. That’s also where I took the picture above. Some of them are employed by the bar (means you would need to pay the bar fine of 10 USD) while some are just regular “customers” or freelancers really.

Note: There are usually no Khmer ladyboys in the night clubs (except for the open air beach clubs on Serendipity Beach) because they are not allowed to enter.

  • Prices: 20-30 USD for sex (negotiable)

Ladyboy Beach Promenade Hookers

As already explained the only clubs where you see a few ladyboys are those on the beach promenade of Serendipity Beach. But then most of them are actually walking up and down the strip while looking for a customer and only if they found one, they would go have a drink in one of the clubs (like Sessions or JJ’s), or directly to his hotel. However, they aren’t usually that attractive at all and so you have one more option to get laid with better looking ones – see the following paragraph below.

  • Prices: 10-30 USD (negotiable)

Ladyboys on Online Dating Sites

Sihanoukville Ladyboy on Dating SiteIf you are looking for a free way to meet Khmer ladyboys in Sihanoukville then you might want to check out the ladyboy online dating sites. By doing so you would create a profile and browse the members, obviously looking at the pictures first and then also at her description to make sure she isn’t working. You could double check that by asking her if you are still unsure before asking her out, but remember to be polite or she might get upset. She should understand you though.

The most popular site in this category is My Ladyboy Date that has members not just from Cambodia but from all around Asia.

Now it’s up to you to decide which method you prefer – if you are currently in Sihanoukville you could take a look at the places mentioned (see the map above) and if you are at home and still planning your trip you could browse the members on the dating site and arrange a meeting in advance so you’ll save some time.

Map of Ladyboy Hot Spots in Sihanoukville

Last Updated on October 9, 2023