3 Best Dating Sites in Cambodia To Meet Girls

Dating in Cambodia

If you want to meet girls in Cambodia you basically have three options. Option 1: You go in the bars or clubs, but more often than never you’re likely to run into working girls that tell you they won’t go to your place for free after you bought them a couple of drinks. Option 2: You just walk around town and look out for cute girls with regular jobs. But then this isn’t Thailand where you know the best places to meet girls during the day are the countless of shopping malls – which are still very rare in Phnom Penh, not even thinking of the rest of the country so you’re much more limited here.

Option 1 and 2 don’t sound any good do they. So here comes number 3:

The Online Dating Sites in Cambodia. These are your most convenient way to meet Cambodian girls as you can just go online on your laptop or smartphone and see who is online and easily start a chat with them. That means you can even arrange your date from your home country.

Let’s say you are planning a trip to Phnom Penh, so one week before the departure you just go online and arrange a date saying like it’s your first time in Cambodia and you need someone to show you around. Cambodian ladies love this idea of meeting foreigners who have never been to their country before, become excited and even come to pick you up from the airport with their motorbikes if you ask them to.

You also don’t have too many “money girls” on these websites but mainly girls with regular day jobs and students that are looking for some adventures with foreigners. Still watch out when reading their profile – if they do want you to pay them they would normally write that on their profile. But definitely less than 20% of the girls are asking for money. Sure, maybe that figure is higher when it comes to long term relationships, then most of them want someone who “takes care” of them, but what you are really out for here is a good time with some hot Cambodian chicks isn’t it?

Online dating in Cambodia is on the rise just like the numbers of foreign visitors coming to the country every year and that’s why you can find countless of new sites coming up all the time. However, most of them don’t really have a lot of members as there is one site that almost everyone seems to sign up at. Enough for all the introduction, here are the currently three most popular dating sites in Cambodia:

Asian Dating

Asian Dating is the biggest dating site in Cambodia. They have got millions of members and even more important: You can come online at any time of the day and you’ll always have countless of girls active. It’s also the site that has the nicest design and easy to use navigation. When you look at the profile of the girls you won’t just find a bunch of pictures but all sorts of personal information like age, height, weight, city etc.

By signing up for Asian Dating you will not just get access to dating in Cambodia but to all Asian countries. So if you’re traveling around the region no need to sign up for separate dating sites in Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines etc – you simply click on the country bar on the home page and choose the Asian country you look for girls.

Seeking Arrangement

Seeking Arrangement is the famous “sugar dating” website in Cambodia, means here you’ll find super attractive ladies who are willing to be your new girlfriend right away if you agree to support them financially. That could either mean you pay for all of her expenses while you are together, or you provide her with some pocket money every month.

You’ll see, this site has quite an interesting concept, so go check it out yourself and you’ll see how hot and sophisticated most of these women are. And since this is an international dating site, you can contact girls from other countries around the world as well.

Cambodian Dating

Cambodian Dating is one of the newest dating sites in Cambodia. It lets you create a profile in five easy steps and then you’re ready to go. However, you will notice the differences to Asian Dating (see above) very quickly: Not as many active members, not as much information on their profiles, a more complicated navigation and more ads. Check them both out and see which one you prefer.

I make sure to update this page regularly so if any new dating sites in Cambodia come up that are better than the ones mentioned I will include them here.