The Different Types and Costs of Hookers in Cambodia

There are many reasons for Cambodia becoming more and more a sexual mecca for men in Southeast Asia. If you look at Phnom Penh for example, five years ago there were only a dozen or so foreign oriented girly bars in Streets 130 and 136. Now, new such places full of young and hot Cambodian girls are being opened almost every month all around town.

Or take the night clubs. Like the infamous “Heart of Darkness” which has been the only night club for foreigners to meet Cambodian hookers for centuries. Now there are several great night clubs all around town that attract countless of chicks every night.

And also the massage places are getting filled with more and more girls that are ready to perform the “special” kind of massage for some extra tip.

By reading this intro you already get an idea about the different types of Cambodian hookers and so here comes the detailed explanation to each category and how much they usually charge:

Cambodian Bar Girls

Cambodian HookersThe Cambodian bar girls are easily the most common type of hookers, most people know of them and they are the easiest to spot by just walking down the street and then hear them yelling at you something like “Hey, where are you going? Come inside for a drink!”

These girls are employed by the bar owner for a relatively low salary, usually around 100 USD a month. Their other two types of more lucrative sources of incomes are lady drinks, i.e. if you buy her a drink for 3.50 USD she gets like 2 USD. So if she sells 2 drinks every night that would be an additional income of 120 USD – more than her salary!

However the main source of income for the Cambodian Bar Girl is of course her price for short time / long time. Means if she goes with a customer and has sex with him she charges money that goes 100% in her own pocket.

These days the girls usually ask for 50 USD for short time (one or two shots, 1-2 hours) and 100 USD for long time (several shots, usually until breakfast the following morning). Of course these rates are very negotiable and if she likes you it’s not uncommon that she accepts as little as 20 USD.

If you take a girl out of her bar, you will also have to pay the bar fine of generally 10 USD and this money is not included in her price for sex.

Cambodian Freelance Bar Girls

In some other bars which are not dedicated “hostess bars” (or girly bars, whatever) you can also find a lot of freelance bar girls. These are girls who are not employed by the bar but rather visit them privately and look to hook up with foreign men. They tend to ask for the same as the “regular” bar girls. Even though you save some money for the bar fine, the whole experience is a little riskier as you don’t know where to find her in case there are problems, i.e. she steels from you.

Cambodian Club Freelancers

Very similar to the freelance bar girls (and sometimes the same girl working in these two different venues) the Cambodian Club Freelancers dress themselves as sexy as possible and go in the night clubs merely for the reason to meet foreign men. It’s not unusual for them to go alone (which is very strange and uncommon for Cambodian girls) and then tell you something like their friends already went home and she felt like staying and dancing for a little bit longer.

These girls usually don’t go with you straight away but expect that you spend some time with them in the club and buy them some drinks. Then when the time has come they usually ask for 50 USD for some dirty short time fun in your hotel room. Again, very negotiable.

Cambodian Go Go Girls

If you are looking for something similar to the Go Go Bars in Pattaya you have to be patient as there are no Go Go Bars in Cambodia (yet) – neither in Phnom Penh nor in Siem Reap.

Cambodian Massage Girls

There are just about as many massage salons as there are girly bars both in Phnom Penh as well as in Siem Reap. If you are out for a happy ending don’t take the foot massage! It may be the cheapest one for 5-6 USD but you don’t get a private room as they perform the massage downstairs and you are surrounded by lots of other people.

What you should ask for is not just if you can pick a girl (if they laugh and say sorry cannot then it’s unlikely that you’re going to get a happy ending one) but if they say yes can then make up your mind and also let them know if you want to have a Cambodian Body Massage (just like the Thai massage, 6-7 USD) or a Oil Massage (8-10 USD).

If you’re lucky and the girl doesn’t mind to provide some extra, 10 USD for a hand job is the standard price.

Girls in Massage Salons usually don’t offer sex – it’s different in the erotic massage parlours of Phnom Penh with fishbowl arrangement then the massage is 10 USD plus 50 USD (negotiable) for “Boom Boom”, yes they call it the same like in Thailand. By the way, blow job means yam yam in Cambodia and prices for that start at 20 USD.

Cambodian KTV / Karaoke Bar Hookers

Those Khmer girls who are serious about prostitution and regard it as a real job would usually start working in the KTVs. These are usually big complexes found in every major town around Cambodia and are officially run as “Karaoke Bars”. Surely you can sing some songs in there but of course it’s the girls you are there for.

These places are comparable to the gentlemen’s clubs in Thailand: They are quite expensive, but the girls are the most attractive type of prostitute: They are usually young, thin, light skinned and beautiful. Just like in the chicken farms or brothels, there are also a lot of Vietnamese girls working in the KTVs, not just Khmer girls.

It usually works like this: You walk in the place and ask the manager about the prices. He will then tell you like 10 USD for the private room rental (equipped with couches, TVs and microphones), plus 5-10 USD per girl per hour to accompany you, plus around 2-3 USD per beer (but they often sell you packages of 24 beer cans for around 40 USD). Yes, you can take out the girls for sex if you want, but you will need to talk and arrange with them separately. You should expect at least 50 USD for a short time with most KTV girls, maybe more if they are confident and really attractive.

Not to be confused with the big KTV complexes are the smaller and often a little bit dirty karaoke bars. Those are cheaper and there is no room rental fee, but the girls are usually not as attractive as in the bigger KTVs.

Cambodian Street Hookers

One of the quickest methods to get laid in Cambodia is to simply pick up a street hooker. Advantage: They are cheap, means they usually ask for 20 USD plus 5 USD for the rental of a short time room nearby. Disadvantages: They aren’t the most stunning girls around and you can only meet them during the night time.

Cambodian Chicken Farm Girls

Where do you think the local Khmer guys go to enjoy some “quality time” with the girls? The very few Hi-So guys would hit the KTVs that are pricier than the girly bars for foreigners. And the vast majority of guys would go to the so called “chicken farms” where Khmer women sell sex right in their homes.

Most major towns in Cambodia have such chicken farms and they are usually located in the outskirts such as Svay Pak in Phnom Penh or the chicken farm in Sihanoukville. If you know what you are doing you can avail of sexual services from these rather average looking women for as little as 10 USD. It is recommended to visit these places before sunset as it’s generally safer.

Cambodian Brothel Girls

The lowest category in terms of hookers in Cambodia. The girls are primarily Khmer but also plenty of Vietnamese girls working there. Brothels are similar to “chicken farms” (see above), but those are usually found in the bigger cities and are big and old houses with 3-6 girls waiting for customers, rather than the homes of women who “invite” the men inside like in the chicken farms.

Brothels in Cambodia are obviously located outside the tourist areas and are difficult to find, but fortunately for you I wrote a guide on the brothels in Phnom Penh including pictures and a map. You can expect to pay 15-20 USD for sex with these girls.

Cambodian Hookers from Dating Sites

More and more Cambodian girls are signing up for the popular online dating sites and while the majority of them have a regular day job and looking either for exciting adventures with foreigners or serious relationships, a fair share can be classified as hookers that will tell you something like “but you have to give me some money ok?” once you’ve asked them out for a date. Again the cost here is very negotiable, somewhere in the 20-50 USD range.

Now since you know the characteristics of each type of hooker in Cambodia and how much they generally cost, here are some clarifications of things you may still be uncertain about:

Where to Find Hookers in Cambodia?

If you’ve read through this post all the way to here, you then know that Cambodian hookers are found in hostess bars, regular bars, night clubs, massage shops, massage parlors, dark places on the streets and on the internet. You can find the exact locations of all these mentioned venues in the Phnom Penh Nightlife Guide. For other cities, just use the menu on the top of the site (under “Nightlife”).

Where to Find “Normal Girls” in Cambodia?

If you don’t really like the idea of paying a girl for sex of course you don’t necessarily need to do that to get laid in Cambodia. There are three other easy ways on how to meet and sleep with Khmer girls which are covered here.

Is Prostitution in Cambodia Illegal?

Just like in neighbouring Thailand, prostitution in Cambodia is illegal by law – yet the kingdom is at least as famous for its open sexual entertainment as it is for its century old Khmer temple ruins. The owners of the brothels simply get around the law by declaring their venues as massage parlous, hostess bars and the like while paying some money to the local police on a monthly basis to both have them overlook what is really going on inside as well as getting the permission to stay open until late.

Are there also ladyboy hookers in Cambodia?

Yes of course there are. Sure not as many as in Thailand but still more than you could possibly handle. Check out this guide to find the best places to meet ladyboys in Phnom Penh.

Comparison to Thailand’s Sex Industry

If you visit both countries you will quickly notice that the cost of sex in Cambodia is significantly cheaper than in Thailand, well almost half the price for both the bar fines and massage services as well as the prices for hand job, yam yam or boom boom. However, here in Cambodia you are a lot more limited in the way that there are really only two cities that have these kind of entertainment venues and foreign oriented hookers: Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

28 Responses

  • naseer elsebay says:

    freelancers ask 20-30 dollars …bar girls ask 30- 50 and she will ask u if she will spend all night with u or she will return back to bars always take girls for amx 3 hours only..if u would like to fuck on budaget u can take freelancers for around wat phnum or from riverfront areas for 10 – 20 dollars only…

  • Jim says:

    “These days the girls usually ask for 50 USD for short time (one or two shots, 1-2 hours) and 100 USD for long time”

    Indeed they may well ask for that, but you’d be foolish to pay it.
    Short time is $30-50 at most (and is almost certainly just one shot), long time $50-$70 at most. Cheaper if they’re not that hot, you’re a regular, a good negotiator, it’s late at night and so on.
    $100 would be for the best girls in popular bars, or a rip-off place like Rose bar.

  • Jack Rover says:

    More expensive doesn’t mean the best work. Having been to Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, I will tell you, you don’t always get what you pay for. You could pay 60USD or higher for a woman with great looks but will rush the experience or not so good in bed. Or you can pay 30usd or less and though she might not be a model she will take care of you properly for a long or the whole night. Looking at a woman is free. I don’t pay a woman to look good. I pay for good all around 4 play and sex. Yes I have gotten lucky and paid cheap prices for attractive women who were excellent fucks. But that’s not a everyday hunt. I like women who are submissive, let me have my way and dominate her.

    • Bob's Uncle says:

      I just came from PP and when I offered the girl $60 for all night she seemed disappointed but she still came with me, stayed the whole night, we had easy morning sex. And Breakfast just before 10:00. I am no rock star, but sure enough she called me the next night.. It didn’t hurt to start low and stick to my price.

  • Jack says:

    All you guys are a bunch of losers can’t get laid without having to drop cash lol all you guys will end up having daughters as your own karma and just wait and see what they go thru and you as well losers get a life (: PS you guy obviously dont love your mother’s of you did you would get laid the proper way you fools lol

    • Bob's Uncle says:

      quick story, i heard the same shit from a ex-US marine, he was younger then me, buffed up, ran and did exercises constantly. Basically if I were a girl I would do him. We were being given a weekly per diem, at the end of the month myself and a another fellow I was with were talking about how much of the per diem we had left over. The marine did not know how to explain to his wife how he maxed out his ATM every week. And was going home with no money. He was picking up “free” girls at the bar, but spending tons on drinks, and food etc. Me, nope, found who I wanted made a deal and always had a great night always long time. And never used the ATM one time.

      Side note, the last weekend we all went to the beach my 2 girls came with me, they were great at least 9’s. The marines “free girl friend” also joined us, my mouth dropped open seeing this big young ex-marine with a short fat girl probably his age. And he had spend all his money… Jack take a pill enjoy life mate.

  • Moonshine says:

    Big mistake you make is comparing living standards of the US to that of Cambodia. What would they pay being just a worker in a supermarket or department store! Why now kill a good business that all can enjoy

  • Joe says:

    I’m ok with you Monger… men like that shit on guys who live here, and specialy on poor cambodian men who cannot have easily sex now, because incredibly too expensive for them, because of these crasy tourists who pay too much… Normal salary in Phnom Penh is about 200-250 to 300-350$ per mounths working 26 days when it’s not 30-31 days for a waiter in a nice bar or restaurant, comparing with the prostitue prices who demand between 30$ short time and 50$ long time and for some crasy girls 50-100$… they are too expensive. Normal price must be maximum 10-15$ short time, 2h and 25-30$ long time, the night. I live here since 6 mouths, and i know Cambodia since 20 years when we had to wait 5 minutes to see one car only in Monivong Boulevard… I prefer now to spend 50$ for a nice night with friends and to give my $ to the poor who sort garbage at night, or to the other poor, there are many here… than to give these 50$ for sex, even if i can pay the double and more… it’s a matter of principle. Men who payed more have destroy the nice relationships we had with the girls, we also could gave them tips when they were kind with us… now they think only $ and they look their watchs… If you pay more, you will be fucked by $ not by them…

  • Boomboomba says:

    Guys please dont pay over 40… youre ruining the whole thing, I usually pay 15 ST or about double that long, its all about asking beforehand and bargaining and if she says no, literary move to the next one, dont think with dick or ego but brains and youll get both great looking and cheap.

  • Chris Cornflake says:

    Agree with Monger 100%. Overpaying idiots cause the price to rise. Happens everywhere especially where Koreans discover. Just gotta look at the prices in Cebu, Phillippines 500% increase in 7 years! Why splash the cash around to feed your own egos and fuck up what was a good thing?

    • Scary Barry says:

      its better to inflate the prices to weed out the shitheads who come from all around the globe looking for dirtcheap pussy.
      Personally i think the prices should be raised to match western prices. Thats why America is going to shit, everyone wants stuff dirt cheap and dont want to pay workers appropriate pay.

  • Monger says:

    Never pay more than 20 for ST and 35 for LT.

    If you pay more than this then you are a fool. Khmer girls are poor and giving them 50-60USD for a bang is like giving her a Ferrari.

    Use your brains, di*kheads!

  • Big Tom says:

    Are there any escort services able to come directly to your room in PP. Without going to a bar? I need to be a bit more clandestine

  • Patrick says:

    I never pay more then 25$. But my appearance is not to bad . I can imagine if you weigh 100kg,no hair and etc…than sure you need to pay 50$. And I always always always talk price before we go. Visited the chicken farm today in Sihanoukville but that’s not my thing.

  • d buts says:

    I have had some serious problems not firming up price beforehand. Not recommended waiting until morning.

  • gentle men says:

    do is to not talk price. if she likes you 20 dollars or 30 dollars is ok for the night
    if she is not into you then 50 dollars it is

    also when you ask about the price she wants her friends to know you only go for the big price so she looks more importent

    there are so meany girls that do always take 20 dollars ad the end of the night

  • lasse says:

    i been many times on the beach in Snooky…2o us for short sometimes. Sometimes same for longtime – could be a little more. and I guess around 60-100 bars and lots of freelancer on the street, in the bars and discos

  • peter nescio says:

    I just came back from a month in Phnom Penh. The polite thing to do is to not talk price. In the morning I give sixty dollars. It’s always Ok. If they have to leave early (e.g., because they live with their mother and have to be home by 2am) I pay $40.

    • Derek says:

      I took your advice. My runner wanted $50 & to leave @ 10:00 PM so I offered her $40 and said I’d I’d like her to stay a little longer and would pay more. My initial offer was $60. She walked out with $40. Wow!

      I’m trying to adhere to any pricing structure implemented here without over paying; too much.

      • Monger says:

        I’m sorry to say this but you two idiots make the price go up.
        You are easily fooled and overpay so the rest of us have to bargain.
        Before you idiots showed up it was 10USD for ST and 25USD for LT!

        • gradys says:

          Agree Monger.
          Peter says, “it is not polite”. Laughable.
          One of two things will happen if you do not figure out price beforehand. One, you will overpay greatly ($60) or two, you will take a stiletto to some part of your head.
          You think you are being the awesome cool 1st world knight in shining armor. They brag to their friends about how they suckered some idiot into paying $60.

          • Bob's Uncle says:

            I full agree, in Thailand you can make a deal agree on the price,and length of time. 99% it goes as planned.
            In Cambodia especially PP, even if she agreed and you paid the bar fine, 50% of the time it gets fucked up. It is frustrating to find out after wards she is “original” even after bar fining both her and her “sister”. That was just yesterday.
            One time I used the note pad on my phone because it was very loud. We agreed on price, long time and when she would leave in the morning.
            After I paid the bar fine, and we got back to the hotel (nice hotel) she said would stay only for 1 hour, I said ok 1/3 price. She said no. So out the door we went and back to the bar and we talked to the mama at the bar.
            At first I was sure to lose. But I showed mama the note app, and boom, she starting yelling at the girl, I got my bar fine back and another girl came home with me no dramas.
            It is small money but they girls have been taught they can lie and get away with it. It is a business deal, period.

        • Scary Barry says:

          If a girl is in need of money she’ll take your 10 dollars no problem no matter what someone else has paid her before.
          I would prefer a girl with a higher price so that I know she’s seen a lower number of higher quality clientele and not been run through by 10,000 scallywags from all over the planet for 10 bucks a pop.

          I would like to see all of you try to haggle a decent american hooker to take 10 dollars for an hour of sex. You guys don’t understand how insane you all sound. You’re flying across continents to convince some girl to take some pennies and be grateful for it

          • powerupgo says:

            @scary barry never forget you are paying for sex and in any business transaction it is a good practice to get the best deal possible. No matter what you feel you’re not a “white knight” and “decent hooker” is a oxymoron. 😀

        • Jim says:

          In case you hadn’t noticed, the price of everything has gone up dramatically.
          $10 ST/$20 LT was 10-15 years ago.

        • DingDong says:

          Good, go home if you can’t afford it.

          Push the price up as much as possible lads, make these poor expats fuck off home.

          • Shadymcnasty says:

            If you’re so rich why not hobby where you live? I’d never bother taking two 12 hour plane flights to the far side of the earth if money was not an object. I’d just pay half a grand a pop at home.