Overview of Sex Massage Parlors in Phnom Penh

There are countless of options on how to easily get laid in Cambodia’s capital which are covered all in great detail in the Phnom Penh Nightlife Guide. Of course one way is to get a happy ending massage and in this category you’ve basically got two options:

The first one are the small massage shops that are visible to the general public. The problem here is that the girls often seem quite open minded when they try to lure you in but later in the room they might say just “no” when you ask them for the special extra.

So if you want to avoid these kind of bad surprises what you do is go in a dedicated erotic massage parlor where happy endings are guaranteed. Now, if you are familiar with the red light scene in neighboring Thailand, then you’ll probably know that you can find “Soapy Massage Parlors” in every little town all over the country.

Things are still on a much smaller scale in Phnom Penh and while there’s no such place for a body to body massage (yet) you can find 3 massage parlors with the typical fishbowl arrangement in downtown Phnom Penh. They are still very little known and this is the first time it’s mentioned on the English internet so don’t be surprised if you don’t see any westerners during your visit as not many know about it.

Massa Massage Phnom PenhThe most popular place is called Massa and located in Street 252, about 500 meters northwest of the Independency Monument. To get inside, you need to walk up the stairs to the second floor first but it’s impossible to get lost as this is the only business in this building and especially at night you’ll quickly notice the bright neon lights in this otherwise very quiet and inconspicuous street.

On top of the stairs, turn left go straight and after 10 meters you reach the entrance to the lobby. The atmosphere is very relaxed and chances are that one of the mamasans will accompany you to the seating area that consists of very comfortable sofas right in front of the fish bowl.

Erotic Massage in Phnom Penh

There are more than two dozen of extremely hot and white skinned girls in the “show room” at any time of the day (though slightly more in the evening). They are divided into two categories: Cambodian Girls who have blue numbers and Vietnamese Girls who have red numbers. There are usually more Cambodians than Vietnamese in the fishbowl and the reason for this might not be that they have more Cambodian girls but because the majority of the customers prefer the Vietnamese type of girls so they are more busy.

The price for a one hour body massage is 15 USD for all girls. This obviously doesn’t include any extras as they have to be negotiated later with the girl.

Sex Massage in Phnom Penh

As you can see, the private massage rooms are very basic. There’s a queen sized bed with a pillow and a couple of towels, aircon and that’s basically it. Well, actually if you look at the top right of the picture there’s a sign on the wall saying “No Sex Here “in English and Khmer Script which is kind of a joke of course.

Your girl will first accompany you to the attached bathroom, take a shower and dry you off. Then it’s time for the “massage” and she will do her best to make you feel comfortable as quickly as possible and it’s not unlikely that it doesn’t even take 20 minutes until she asks you if you want Boom Boom.

The price you get quoted is usually 50 USD for sex but of course that’s negotiable, however note that some girls don’t really like bargaining. If you just want a blow job (Yam Yam in Khmer) that’s going to cost around 20-30 USD or alternatively a hand job is in the 10-20 USD range.

  • Massa is open every day from noon to midnight.

The next full service massage parlor is located on the 2nd floor of the Hotel Luxury World in Street 200, just 500m down the street from Massa, so you can simply walk there if you didn’t like any of their girls.

Phnom Penh Soapy Massage

They have just as many young ladies in the fishbowl as Massa, and the base price is even cheaper: 10 USD for any girl, plus tip for the special service which has to be negotiated separately.

And the third sex massage parlor in Phnom Penh with the same prices can be found in the Mean Haur Hotel in Street 122-221 (corner), which is a bit far to walk (see the map below), so you better take a Tuk Tuk there.

Map of Sex Massage Parlors in Phnom Penh

Last tip: If you take a Tuk Tuk to these parlors and the driver doesn’t understand what you are talking about you can just show him the following picture. It’s not been taken here, but just by looking at this pic the guy will smile and immediately know what you are talking about.

Phnom Penh Soapy Massage Parlor

30 Responses

  • Nil says:

    Very well….great post and sharing. It’s as described. It’s all good.

  • Josh says:

    Just came back from massa street 252,
    Certainly 15 dollar at the entrance.girls are beautiful and wide choice,but at least the one I choose was somewhere between not enthusiastic and boring.no rip off and straight forward,but there must be better options.

  • joel says:

    Interesting overview. I’m glad to see that someone has attempted to chronicle the scene in Phnom Penh. Things have certainly changed since I started going there in 2005. I just recently spent a week in PP. Years ago it was Martinis, Walkabout, and Sharky bar for those roving group of freelance babes. Now, Martinis and the Walkabout are history and Sharky is hardly a shadow of its former self. The bars on 136 and all the parallel streets to 104 are places where a man who simply would like a peaceful drink and view the talent before deciding is virtually non-existant. OK, enough ranting. I did find that the Luxury World Hotel had a decent fishbowl massage operation. Plenty of good looking girls. Clean room. I picked one and in the first minute she asked me if I wanted sex. I asked how much and she said $100. I got her down to $40, but it was more hassle than it was worth. The Cercee (sp?) is still going and the most of the girls are decent looking. They want $40 + 10 bar + 7 room + a lady drink. So all the add ons can make a bloated bill when said and done. I did find a very good bar on 104 (The Oscar bar) that had a decent band and generally not too much pressure from the ladies. Also, I found that most massage places wanted $10 for a one hour massage. Good luck to all who troll in PP.

  • Aurora says:

    Summary 3 stars.
    Pros: You pick the girl, many pretty ones to choose from (as always if in doubt go for the one that looks most interested )
    Hand the guy $10 for 1 hour, don’t ask about price.
    No spending money on drinks, etc, it’s straightforward,which is sometimes what you want (short on time or whatevs)
    Cons: be prepared negotiate hard for price, don’t expect it like Thailand. In the end it’s not fear value. You are here because you didn’t go to thailand (or Vietnam) for some reason,but want some action.

    Weirdness: after agree to boom boom,lady takes me downstairs to another place, with nice room. Probably so she could have the tv on…

  • Kram says:

    My experience was very good. The key is right mindset. First, this place is clearly not for regular massage (for such I go to massage places with no sex and ask for Khmer/Thai). Second, I told firmly $10 to cashier and this was my entrance fee. I choose Cambodian girl and then negotiated “fork price”. I said I pay you $40 in any case and another $20 ( $60 in total) if you will be very enthusiastic and engaged. She was 5 for Yam-Yam and 4- for Boom-Boom, but she tried her best – so got $60

  • RaJa says:

    The price of massage for 1 hour was 15 usd; there were 20-25 very young girls; the massage lasted for about 30 minutes and the selected lady was dressed in a blue shirt and jeans all the time. Massage was not worth it. Then the lady asked if I wanted to pay 100 usd ?!? for “boom boom”. Ten minutes of bargaining and lady reluctantly agreed with 50 usd. But she remained uncomfortable and the sex was miserable. Never again this salon.

  • Gigglipof says:

    I have been there yesturday, 02/14/18, 1:30pm, was easy to find. 30$ for 2Hrs. There were +/-20 beautiful girls. Was hard to choose. The room was not so dirty than I expected. I’ve seen worst. I’ve taken shower and after a short massage she asked me for boom boom. I paied 70$. The massage was not bad at all, good strengh but no oil. She Knew little bit english. We have had preliminaries and she seems to liked that.

    I was happy and the cost worthed it.

    • Luke says:

      Its really people like you that made this whole thing more and more expensive.. stick to the market rate and pay no more than that because greed knows no bounds

  • A Mac Daddy says:

    I went here on 1/30/2018 and its exactly like whats stated above, it’s very easy to find because its the only massage on that street. I got charged $15 dollars for the massage, because I made the mistake of asking for the price. Besides that I at went there at 12 pm and there were only three girls, very pretty too. I like going to these places early because in the evening they are busy and I don’t like getting a girl after she’s been used up by 3 to 5 guys. Anyways the girl I had charged me $60 bucks and we had a GOOD TIME!

    • john says:

      COME ON people!!!!!!!!!! When the cashier asks you for 15 you say: No Good! Too Expensive and you walk OUT of there. Then they come running after you and they say: Discount, 10 for you.

      Stop getting ripped off please, if they see it works, it will become the new norm and everybody gets scammed !!!!

  • Lataube says:

    Rooms more like budget hotel but not dirty as mentioned in the inet. Was there around 10pm, around 30 girls (only 3 vietnemae). Most are beautiful. Boom boom (as they said): she asked 70usd but was able to reduced to 40. Massage is not superb but I guess nobody is there for this. Got a sweet and hot 23y; no BJ but kiss and after shower possible. But I guess it depends if they like you. So be gentle for.disccount and extra service.

  • Upyourbum says:

    I visited Mean Haur Hotel, (100% accurate as mentioned above) on a Sunday afternoon, lots of girls to choose from! All very pretty.
    Very easy to find, just ask the reception person which floor for massage and he or she will be more than willing to tell you where to go. I noticed that this establishment is aimed at the Chinese, Lots of Chinese men around! Also one final observation which I found funny was the doors that lead to the rooms have a glass panel, so if you lucky you may be able to get a glimpse of a chick getting it from behind.
    In general, good but not to my liking a bit expensive, she wanted $80, I got her down to $30 because I was ready to walk out. (also once I was finished she was out of there as quick as possible).

  • Sang says:

    I am a local khmer boy. I read this article, and I went there. I spent 25$ for BOOM BOOM and 7$ for massage.

  • Chuck Norris says:

    Rooms at Massa are a dump
    The girls at Mean Haur wear way too much makeup
    At Soul Golden City they don’t give much and keep bugging you for more money.

    If someone can recommend a clean place with a decent massage and girls that perform like the ladies at Cyrcee do I would gladly pay for them to have go have a four hand massage as well.

  • Sabnis says:

    They took 15$ for massage and i paid 15$ for handjob. Room was nice and ac was also new

  • Big Tom says:

    There used to be a lineup in hotel luxury world off monivong also, does any one know if there still is?

  • hbloem says:

    on the riverside between inda restaurant and taboo restaurant the massage place pays the girls
    only $80 a month, so they do everything to make both ends meet!! riverside massage it’s called!

  • Over The Sea says:

    Went there in the afternoon today and the place was really filthy and dirty. There’s about 10 girls to choose from they all quite pretty but one really standout. Went up to the room and my god is so fucking old the aircon make so much noise that I can barely hear what she was saying. The only good thing was she is smoking hot, really nice figure and a amazing pair of tities. i pound her hard from missionary to doggy then finish in missionary. She was polite but she didn’t do much no hj or bj just straight into sex. She didn’t make any noise either and there not much interaction. After I finish she went into the bathroom and take a shower and since my hour is not up I wanted to go again but she said no. I pay $6 for the room and $40 for her service. Base on the place and service I wouldn’t come back but I’ll come back the hot girl.

  • Roam Free says:

    The Mean Haur Hotel also has a massage with a line-up of girls. The prices are pretty similar to Massa though. I paid $10 for the massage and about $40 for the full-service treatment the first time I went. The second time I paid $50, but the girl helped me wash up and performed with a smile and made it at least sound like she was enjoying it.

    Just Google it for directions and go up the stairs inside to the second floor. They provide you with a lineup of about 20+ decent looking girls and the rooms are like standard hotel rooms, so nicer than Massa on 252.

    • futunet says:

      Really? The Mean Whore hotel? Some names don’t translate well I guess. : D

    • jowblow says:

      Gonna call BS on this one. Went there, saw maybe 4 girls at the restaurant, only 1 girl showed when the lady called, a 30+ yr with caked on makeup. No one there spoke a bit of english. Just walked out. There were a bunch of KTVs around that street though, but not sure how that will work for a single/alone guy. Was thinking of going in and asking for take out.

    • Eassy2017 says:

      Hei tried here and overall it’s good.. 20+ girls line up and they have the number on it.. blue for cambodian and red for viet i think.
      Becareful when choosing based on their breast bcoz they’re wearing pushup bra.
      First they massages you like usual but no strength at all.. after 15 minutes they ask id you want sex .. I just paid the girls $40 and $8 for the room. So total in her hand and we just go down..

    • Eassy2017 says:

      massa is not that bad tho.. the AC is really new…btw the massage price is really up to $15 and pay the girl $45.. Damn she’s really pretty

  • BJ says:

    Just an update in this article for 2016.
    The information here is 100% accurate as described here….
    Except I make one comment.
    This place is a real fun down shit hole of place and I would not really recommend it.
    it’s very dirty and very run down… The worst place of this kind I have ever seen…and i have been to similar places in many countries in SE Asia…this is by far the worst I have seen.
    But the girls are quite ok and the only decent thing about this place…

    • John Smith says:

      Absolutely agreed!! Decent girls but pretty nasty and dingy place for sure.. Hard to believe nobody has yet opened a real “Body Massage” that is at least somewhat newer and clean.

    • Roogh says:

      To be honest, will agree with you more than 100%! The girls and some ladies are beautiful but the dirtiest place on earth , seen so far!