Tell The Difference Between Cambodian Girl and Ladyboy

You just can’t avoid it: Sooner or later during your time in Cambodia you will ask yourself this question in a bar or night club: “Oh my god, she is so sexy and beautiful – is she really a girl?” While long time expats in Southeast Asia have no problems to spot the difference between girl and ladyboy, it’s especially the tourists who are unsure in many situations.

In a lot of cases you may then react overly careful just to avoid the bad surprise of facing a dick instead of a pussy back in your hotel room and by doing that you may have missed out a chance to sleep with a super hot Cambodian girl just because you were to drunk or just haven’t read this post on how to tell the difference between Cambodian girl and Ladyboy.

Cambodian LadyboyIt’s very normal for all of us westerners when we come here and talk to these super-sexy human beings and just not entirely sure about their gender – probably mainly because there aren’t nearly as many of them in our home countries. And while I think that you need to spend at least a few months living in Cambodia to be totally confident about the “Cambodian Girl or Ladyboy” topic, in this article I’m going to show you some of the most easy and effective ways to answer this question in most situations.

So the first way to check if she’s a ladyboy or not is to simply look at how she is behaving and the way she is approaching you. Cambodian girls are usually somewhat conservative in getting in touch with you, often they just want to create eye contact, smile and then let you know that you can come talk with them. Ladyboys are a lot more straightforward and come over to you in a very self confident way. They usually don’t want to waste their time with too much small talk and get to the point very quickly.

The next method is somewhat related to her behavior and that’s her voice. What you should know here is that the voice of Cambodian ladyboys is higher than the girl’s ones and that’s because they are eager to imitate it that way. If they spoke normal without changing you would notice right away that you have a shemale in front of you. It may sound easy but this method actually does require some experience and you need to spend some significant time in Cambodia in order to differentiate the girls from the ladyboys by listening to their voice. Let’s move on to some easier approaches.

So if you do not feel confident yet to spot a Cambodian ladyboy by either her behavior or her voice here comes maybe the most obvious and easiest way to answer the question: Look at her body – does she have an Adam’s Apple? That’s clearly a yes or no question. If yes, you should give her a smile and look for someone else (assuming you are not trying to hook up with a ladyboy). Just keep in mind that shemales usually use a lot more makeup than girls do in order to hide these little male signs.

But then there’s something they can’t hide with makeup: Their hands. Look at them, just like anywhere else women have smaller hands than men so if they look somewhat big for a girl – then she probably isn’t one! If you’re still unsure just take her hand and check if her skin is smooth as silk and if it’s not that’s another sign you ran into a ladyboy. Also if she holds your hand very firm you might think twice about if you really want her to grab your dick that way.

There you have quite a few useful hints on how to spot a Cambodian ladyboy and in case this all doesn’t help (which I doubt) then for gods sake just ask her if she is a woman or not. Transgenders are usually much more honest than the ladies who often try every trick and lie just to make you take her back to your room and pay her some cash.

I hope you enjoyed this article just as much as I did writing it. Happy hunting!

4 Responses

  • Red Rover says:

    So, generally I try to go for real women, but even though I’ve been here a few years I have gotten fooled (not that it was entirely a bad experience though). In Thailand the voice is almost always a dead giveaway, but here for some reason they just try so much harder. Plus there are a few who have gone the full change and have cut off the boys down south and even removed the Adam’s apple and in the dim lights of the bars its hard to really tell sometimes. The only real giveaway I’ve found short of asking them is to feel up their chest. For some reason all the ladyboys I’ve taken back to the hotel have had tits like rocks, or else I may have somehow I just gotten fooled by the exact same one 4 times.

    My advice, keep some lube in your room just in case you do bring one back!

  • andreleonard2017 says:

    Interesting. But I’m with Rod on this one. If she has a good attitude and the chemistry is there she will love you good and for a long time. Most are very fun and passionate. Almost never complain, they naturally try harder to please and never have a ‘period’ 🙂

  • Why have you written it as if anyone would want to avoid them? What makes it a bad surprise? They still have the funplace round the back and they’re a lot better in bed than natural girls, that’s for sure.

  • Fifth Dentist says:

    If they’re cute, who cares?