Sex Massage Parlors & Brothels in Siem Reap

If you wouldn’t do any research on this website about what Siem Reap has to offer besides temples and lakes and just follow the advice of your guide book that says Pub Street is the main entertainment area in town – then you would probably not even think about how much Cambodia’s second largest city has to offer for single (or single traveling) foreign men.

Siem Reap has, along with Phnom Penh, the highest number of young Cambodian girls offering sexual services to men.

Now again, if you have your hotel in the Pub Street area (and there’s nothing wrong with that) you might not notice what a huge sexual playground this town actually is. Sure, you probably find some nice Khmer girls in the tourist oriented bars and restaurants that I described all in detail in the Siem Reap Nightlife Guide. But the truth is that 90% of the Cambodian sex workers in town frequent places where foreigners don’t usually go. This article is about these 90%.

And the good news is: Even though the following karaoke bars and brothels cater to Khmer men, you are welcome to visit them, too. Unlike in a lot of “Asian-oriented” places Thailand, here you are treated in a nice and polite way.

Most of these brothels are officially karaoke bars. They each have more than 20 young and sexy girls employed, some of the bigger ones rather around 40-50. And there are about 60-80 of these karaoke bars, more commonly called KTVs, spread all around Siem Reap. Some of them are huge and impressive buildings with modern private rooms while others are small beer gardens with rather basic but functional karaoke rooms for the ones who really want to sing.

KTVs on Khmer Pub Street

Siem Reap Karaoke

Everyone knows Pub Street, but only few foreigners have heard of the Khmer Pub Street in the north of town. This is the most popular nightlife area for the local Cambodians, full of beer gardens and small KTVs – the most common type of brothel in Siem Reap. The picture above shows the entrance of such a place with plenty of attractive girls available to you.

There are dozens of those places on Khmer Pub Street.

And this is how it works: As soon as you arrive the girls will present themselves (sometimes even by standing up) and you tell the manager which one you would like. The price of a girl is ridiculously cheap at those KTVs in Khmer Pub Street, at some places as little as 1.50 USD but more commonly 2-3 USD. This price is not per hour, but for the whole night.

Sexy Girl in Siem ReapAfter you picked your girl she will accompany you to a table of the “beer garden”. Most places also have private karaoke rooms available for rent (3-5 USD per hour). Even if you don’t take the karaoke room, the seating areas are usually divided into semi-private niches so it’s quite laid back and relaxing.

Then you would order some drinks for you and your girl. She will usually drink from your beer and that’s what most people do – they order a jug (about 3 USD) or a 3-liter tower (about 7-8 USD) of Angkor or Anchor draft beer. Sometimes she will say she’s hungry so you can order some 2-4 USD dish for her to make her happy.

She will do everything to make you happy too. Don’t expect them to speak perfect English, again this isn’t a area that is frequented by a lot of Barangs, but that’s not a problem they’re still fun to drink and to spend time with. If you feel you want to fuck her that’s possible of course but usually not on the spot. You would have to take her to a short time hotel nearby which costs you 5, maximum 10 USD.

There are always motorcycle drivers around who know these hotels. It’s not uncommon that the girl will ask for 50 USD for having sex with you but that’s usually negotiable. And also this price is generally long time means she will stay with you until the following morning (if you want).

Big Karaoke Clubs

Siem Reap Brothel

Siem Reap KTVThe other type of brothel in Siem Reap are the huge and colorful buildings full of young Khmer girls ready for spending the night with you. Again, those are officially KTVs, karaoke clubs or massage parlors and sure a lot of Khmer guys start their night partying in the private karaoke rooms instead of taking a girl back to their place right away.

There are nearly 30 of such KTVs spread around Siem Reap.

And this is how it works: You enter the place and the manager will have all the girls line up in front of you either in the lobby or in a big private room (like the one on the top right picture). You look at the girls, maybe ask the manager for recommendations, how old a particular girl is or if she has children yet.

After you picked your girl you can choose a private karaoke room. Some places have one price for all rooms, like 10 or 15 USD per hour. Some of the bigger places even have different room types, for example the one closest to Pub Street (see map below) has rooms ranging from 8 USD for the cheapest to 20 USD for the most expensive ones.

If you enter those big KTVs as a foreigner it’s not unlikely that you get asked if you would like to take a girl for short time right away.

So in case you are not in the mood to sing karaoke (which few westerners are when they come to Cambodia) then you would negotiate a price with the manager of the establishment. It’s not unlikely that he will quote you 60 or even 70 USD but that’s not the price you need to pay. More realistic are 40, maximum 50 USD.

This price includes the price for sex with the girl, the rental of a short time hotel room close by as well as the Tuk Tuk ride to it. If you wonder why the girl will be escorted to the hotel separately on a motorbike, this is to prevent the police to see what you are up to (that’s what I assume). It’s still more than obvious to everyone though as you can see girls and men arriving and leaving that same hotel in 20-30 minute intervals. You would then enter the room, take a shower and enjoy some romantic time together.

Siem Reap Sex Massage

Map of KTVs and Brothels in Siem Reap

6 Responses

  • annoy says:

    timing is everything. Going to a famous ktv bar in siem reap at 11pm will lead to a unhappy ending.bcz the lady was too tired,when i was fucking her,she even fell asleep .WTF

  • Tim says:

    Was offered usd120 for long time from Top Town and 70 from a random massage shop. Girls were both skinny early 20s. Settled for the massage shop @ 55 (which is still expensive). Turned out to be a Viet. Pretty but poor attitude.

    • annoy says:

      Went to top town twice,unhappy lady fell asleep,the other lady couldn’t take it any more.I just do it for 20 minutes.They all wish my surrander in 5 minutes.Sigh… Chinese and thai girls are far more professional.

  • fred747 says:

    What if you don’t want to take the girl to short time hotel but to take her to your real hotel? Is the price less? And is there a problem if it is walking distance, no need for Tuk tuk?

  • ManOfAdventure says:

    I just wanted to say that your experience has been much better than what I just had. I got picked up by the tuk tuk driver and he didn’t take me to khmer pub street as far as I can see. The place was kind of isolated. But I figured I’d go with the flow. All the girls didn’t even stay in the room long enough for me to get a good look. Some hid behind others and some were on their cell phones. I picked one girl that seemed to want it. I paid the manager $50 for short time. He then asks me for a tip. Is that normal? speaking of tips I even had a night market vendor ask me for a tip. wtf? We were taken to a hotel but then they asked for $10 for room. I thought you mentioned it’s included? I didn’t want to make a fuss so I paid it. But the girl was oh so disappointing. She was giggly and didn’t want to do a blow job. just terrible. AND she even asked for a tip. Sigh. So, for $60 USD I consider that low value compared to Pattaya where I could get better for 1/2 the price. I’m hoping my experience is isolated but I think siem reap is not really set up for this. and the fact that everything is in USD makes it quite expensive in my opinion. I’m going to give it another try with the karaoke bars.

    • Loll says:

      You are pissed off because the bar manager and a market vendor asked you for tip?.My dear friend,I was asked for tip by police officers!both at the border immigration and at the airport!