Sex Massage & Brothels in Kampot

“Massage Boom Boom?”, she was asking me while she smiled and excitedly waited for my reaction. You might be wondering about two things: Firstly, what does “Boom Boom” mean? Well, if you are that deep on Cambodia Redcat then I guess you have already been here or to Thailand and know it, but if not: “Boom Boom” is a nice expression for “to have sex” or simply “to fuck”.

And secondly, where was I in that situation where I was asked so openly if I want to have sex with a Khmer girl? On the street, in front of an old house. Yes, that’s right, I was riding around Kampot at night with my scooter and had just found another typical Khmer brothel:

Kampot Brothel

This whole situation reminded me a little bit of the chicken farm in Sihanoukville. But there’s one big difference: In Sihanoukville the girls are waiting for customers in front of their homes and you usually see only 1-2 girls in one place. They would wave at you when you pass their place with the motorbike and ask you if you want “boom boom” right away.

The atmosphere is quite different here in Kampot and many of these brothels are officially run as “massage salons”. Like you can see in my picture above, the girls are usually sitting outside at a table while waiting for customers. They play on their phones, drink some beer, play cards (often for money), but some of them do nothing and just wait.

How to identify brothels in Kampot?

However, if you see a group of young Khmer girls sitting at a table that doesn’t always mean they are prostitutes and selling sex massages. Be careful. What you should not do is to get off your bike when you see such a group of girls, go to them, look at them and point at one of the girls and demand to fuck her. That’s not just extremely unkind and impolite, but you don’t even know yet if you are at a brothel or not.

Look at the picture below that I took in the outskirts of Kampot – do you think these girls are selling sex?

Kampot Girls Playing Cards

You might think they have nothing to do and just wait for the next customer. However, let me tell you that these girls in particular do not work in a brothel, but in a small KTV next door. They are all living in the same apartment block (small and spartanic rooms of about 25 sqm) and just hang out and play together before start working at night.

Sure, they will highly probably go with men for money at the end of every other night, but they are not the types of girls that you can just choose and have sex with two minutes after you met them. They want to drink and party with you (in the KTV) and if they like you (and you pay enough) then they may join you to your hotel.

The best way to identify brothels in Kampot (or anywhere in Cambodia really) is to ask one of the girls “massage?”. If they don’t reply anything (happens all the time, not only because they are shy but also because their English skills are not very good) then you can be sure that you are not in a brothel. But if they say yes and give you a meaningful smile (or even directly say “massage boom boom” like in the first place described in this guide) then you can safely assume that you will get a sex massage.

Kampot Brothel Girls

Prices of Sex Massages & Brothels in Kampot

You can then ask them “how much?” and no matter how bad their English skills are – they will always understand this question. They usually quote you around 25-30 USD, like in the dark place on top of the guide they said “25 dollars”, but they would have surely gone down if I started negotiating. Most Khmer guys would never pay more than 10 USD, and I have heard many people saying that they get it for as cheap as 5 USD. But of course that’s impossible as a foreigner, 15-20 USD would be more realistic (even though I know girls who would do a quick short time for 10 USD in the chicken farm in Sihanoukville).

Anyway, most girls in these brothels are not very attractive to be honest, and most of them have children (= stretch marks and often bellies, too). That’s the main reason why they work in these brothels: Because their Khmer men ran away and don’t support them and their children financially so they often have little choice other than sleeping with men for money.

If you are wondering how the rooms look like in these sex massage salons, here you go:

Kampot Massage Room

Yes, that looks very basic. Often these rooms don’t even have proper ceilings or no ceilings at all and that means the other girls (or customers) can hear the noises of you and your girl on the bed. And yes, they usually have condoms so you don’t need to bring one. Make sure you use a condom – remember that Cambodia is one of the countries with the highest rate of HIV infected people in the world, and you probably won’t be surprised when I tell you that it’s more risky with these cheap brothel girls compared to the girls in the bars.

Overview Map of Brothels in Kampot

I have marked the main brothels in Kampot with the blue pin. Some of these places are old buildings where girls sit outside and wait for customers, while other places are actually run as massage salons and even have a sign in front of the shop saying “Massage”.

If you like these kind of places you could drive to the outskirts of town and may be able to find even more of these small brothels where Khmer women offer sexual services in their homes, similar to Sihanoukville.