Happy Ending Massage in Kampot

Kampot has something for everyone, and if you feel like you want a relaxing happy ending massage with a nice hand job or even more than that, than that’s certainly possible. The problem however is that most of the massage salons only offer “traditional” massages and you need to know where to find the few places that offer “specials”.

The other problem is that because Kampot is such a small and laid back place, there are not as many massage salons as you might expect, especially if you just came from Phnom Penh (or even Sihanoukville has a much wider selection of happy ending massages).

So if you didn’t read my guide here then you would have to walk along the streets, looking for the places yourself:

Downtown Kampot

That can be quite time consuming and tiring, so in today’s guide I will give you a quick overview to the happy ending massage scene in Kampot, as well as the complete map with the exact locations of the massage salons.

How to identify “Special” Massage Salons in Kampot?

There are generally two types of places: Those salons that cater to the “normal” tourists and that offer foot massages (about 5-8 USD per hour), traditional Khmer massages (about 8-10 USD per hour) or oil massages (about 9-12 USD per hour). Since Kampot is not really a paradise for sex tourists and most of the foreigners here are couples, backpackers or “normal” people not looking for sex with Khmer girls, 90% of all massage salons in this town offer standard massages, and usually no extras.

I’m not saying that it’s impossible to get a happy ending in these places – it really depends on your masseuse if she accepts your tip so she gives you a nice and oily hand job. But it’s very unlikely that it will happen – this is not Thailand and you will find it much more difficult to convince the regular masseuses that massaging your penis can be fun, especially if she gets some extra tip.

Almost all of these salons are located in the town center near the Durian Roundabout or in the Riverside Area. I have marked those with the yellow pin on the map further down in the guide.

On the other hand there are the special massage salons. I have marked them with the pink pin on the map. There are not so many of them, but it’s usually quite easy to spot them: The buildings are much older and they usually have no lobby or information on the services in front of the salon. This is one of these places:

Kampot Happy Ending Massage

You might think that these shops are not oriented towards tourists – and that’s true. Most of the customers in those “massage salons” are Khmer men. Most of the foreigners would not like to walk in such a place – it doesn’t look very appealing and maybe even a little bit dirty. But if you want a guaranteed “special massage” in Kampot, then these are the places to go. And of course you are very welcome as a foreigner, you just need to be aware that the women usually don’t speak much English. But don’t worry, it will be good enough for them to let you know what they offer.

Here is another photo of such a place not too far from there:

Kampot Massage Salon

Like you can see in the pictures, the girls are not always sitting outside to attract customers. So don’t be shy, just walk in such a salon and ask if they offer massages here. While you ask you can take a look at the girls and if there is someone you like then you can choose her and follow her to the room.

Just make sure you agree on a price before you commit to anything, it shouldn’t really cost more than 5 USD per hour in these old places. Next you probably want to know how the rooms usually look like. Well guess what, I took a picture in one of the shops:

Kampot Massage Room

Yes, that’s more than basic, but the good thing is that the prices for the whole procedure aren’t really expensive. Which brings me to the next topic.

Prices of Massages & Happy Endings in Kampot

Like I already mentioned, you can expect to pay around 5 USD for a massage in these “special” places. However, most of the time they won’t even start to massage you but as soon as she closed the door behind she will ask what you want. Then you have a few options for the “happy ending”:

  • Hand Job: 5-10 USD
  • Blow Job: 10-15 USD
  • Sex: 15-25 USD

To be honest, it’s quite rare that someone is willing to do a blow job. Most Khmer girls just don’t like it. Also, most guys go to these places to have sex with the girls, but if you “only” want a hand job, then that’s fine of course. Just talk with her, be polite and get warm with her, then she might lower her price and you both have a good time.

Massage Salons vs Brothels

Sometimes the line between a massage salon and a brothel is very thin in Kampot. If you go out of the town center or on the other side of the river you can find several buildings with girls sitting outside and without any signs of massages. If you ask them what they do or what they offer, they will usually tell you “massage boom boom” which is just another nice expression for “fucking inside”.

The brothels are a little bit different compared to the happy ending massage salons and that’s why I decided to write a separate guide on this topic (with pictures, too) that you can find here.

Map of Massage Salons in Kampot

Like I mentioned earlier, there are two types of massage salons in Kampot: The ordinary ones (yellow pin) and the special ones (pink pin). Here’s the map:

One thing I want to mention here: The massage girls in Kampot are not nearly as young and attractive as in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap, but you shouldn’t really complain because it’s much cheaper here: It’s possible to get a sex massage for 20 dollars or even less than that if you do some negotiations and have a good chemistry with the girl.

That’s almost impossible in the bigger tourist centers, like in Phnom Penh’s sex massage parlors you will pay at least 30-40 USD for a short time – not even included the price for the massage. But then again the girls are more attractive.

Anyway, it’s quite nice to experience the smaller towns in Cambodia every once in a while, the atmosphere is so different and much more authentic compared to Phnom Penh, where the girls massage at least 2-3 different guys every day and here you can be their one and only customer of the day – which usually leads to a much better service.