The Chicken Farm in Sihanoukville

Sex on Chicken Farm

Brothels for the local men around Asia are rarely discussed anywhere on the internet and that’s probably because there are dedicated red light districts catering to foreigners in most major cities that attract most of the attention. Cambodia’s popular beach town of Sihanoukville is kind of a special place though.

And that’s not because there is a lack of places to meet nice Khmer girls – you can find foreigner oriented girly bars, massage salons and night clubs spread all around town. However, that’s not the places where the local Khmer guys are going to spend some “quality time” with girls. There are mainly two types of red light areas for them: The KTVs and Karaoke Street in downtown as well as the brothel area near the harbor:

These so called “chicken farms” are really found in most towns all over Cambodia, however, the one Sihanoukville is being mentioned on many forums and expats sites. But no one really seems to be able to provide precise and reliable information on how it works, how much it really costs and most importantly where it is located! So this is the first full description in English on the infamous chicken farm in Sihanoukville.

I think it’s a good idea to structure this post in a way to answer several questions you might have in your head right now:

What is going on at the Chicken Farm in Sihanoukville?

Chicken Farm in Sihanoukville

It’s basically a 2km long unpaved street near the harbor where Khmer women sell sex in their own homes. The women in this very poor residential area of town stand or sit outside their houses. When you drive past as a man many of them will wave at you. However, some would just sit there and wait for the men to approach them.

It won’t take long until they offer you “boom boom” (=sex) inside. Most of these women only know a few words of English so don’t expect to have any kind of real conversation with them. It’s good enough though for them to let you know the price. After you agreed you follow her inside.

She brings you to her bedroom which is often a tiny room with wooden walls and floors, a mattress with lots of pillows and, if you are lucky, a fan. She makes you understand that you should wait a moment while she goes out to the bathroom for a moment and to get the condom.

How much for Sex at the Chicken Farm?

The standard price most women will quote you is $10. Only in very rare cases where you’ll meet a woman that has more experience in the red light areas for foreigners she may try to quote you a little more like $20. From what I know is that the local Khmer guys can buy sex at the chicken farm in Sihanoukville for as little as $5 but that’s unrealistic if you are a foreigner.

Still probably the cheapest price for sex in all of Asia – sure you may find some street hookers in Thailand for 500 Baht or in Cambodia for $10 USD but then you would usually pay another 300-400 Baht or $5 for the rental of a short time room. The great thing about this place is that you completely cut out any middle men.

Always make sure you pay after you’ve had sex and never before (like for any type of Khmer hooker).

How about the Quality of Girls at the Chicken Farm?

Chicken Farm Girls

The average girl on this “ranch” is not nearly as attractive as the typical girl from the KTVs and slightly lower than at the foreigner-oriented girly bars but then you are paying only a fraction of that price. For $10 you cannot really complain and sometimes you get really lucky (just look at the first picture of this post).

Is the Chicken Farm in Sihanoukville safe to visit as a foreigner?

I found it perfectly safe to visit but I went during the day (in the late afternoon). I wouldn’t really advise you to go there after sunset as you will quite possibly be the only foreigner around. Yes, that may also be the case during the day but then you don’t have the risk of any drunk Khmer guy trying to talk to you.

How to get to the Chicken Farm?

I’d highly advise you to rent a motorcycle ($6-7 per 24 hours) and drive there by yourself. You never know but I wouldn’t feel comfortable going there with a local Tuk Tuk driver who potentially tries to scam some commission out of me or even the girl.

With that being said, it’s about 6.5km from the Golden Lion Circle (tourist area near Serendipity Beach) or 2.5km from the Victory Hill area to the Chicken Farm right next to Sihanoukville Port.

Location of the Chicken Farm in Sihanoukville

Video of the Chicken Farm in Sihanoukville