3 Best Girl Friendly Hotels in Kampot

I have covered all different types of topics on how to meet girls in Kampot and the last thing I want to discuss (for now) is how to choose a hotel that’s suitable for your trip. I assume that you are on a sex holiday and the primary reason why you come to Kampot is to sleep with sexy Khmer girls.

It’s important to know that many hotels in Kampot don’t allow their guests to bring prostitutes back to their rooms. You might be surprised, but they even consider a Cambodian girl that you meet in one of the night clubs as a prostitute and will not allow you to bring her back to your room – even if she doesn’t want any money.

I have already done some research and filtered out the three best guest friendly hotels in Kampot, so that if you decide that you want to invite a girl to your room for sex then that’s not a problem and they won’t stop you at the reception.

The hotel staff may ask for your girl’s Cambodian ID Card (as a security measure) but they will definitely not prohibit her to enter or ask for a “Joiner Fee” like many hotels in Phnom Penh do it so they make some profit of the whole “sex trade” as well.

Enough with all the introduction – here is the list of the currently 3 best hotels for girls and sex in Kampot:

Two Moons Hotel

Best Hotel for Sex in KampotWhenever I receive a mail from readers who ask me for my personal recommendation of a “guest friendly” hotel in Kampot, then I always recommend them the Two Moons Hotel. I think it’s really the best choice if you want to have sex with Khmer girls in your room and it’s easy to say why:

They are guest friendly and the value for money of this hotel couldn’t be better either: For about 25 USD a night you can already get their standard double rooms (see the picture above), but they also have bungalows or even penthouses available – something for everyone’s budget. And I think if you look at the picture it becomes really obvious how beautiful and spacious the hotel, the pool and all the amenities are. The only downside of the Two Moons Hotel is that it’s a bit far away from the main bar area (around 1.5 km), but I would recommend you to rent a motorcycle anyway to get to all the daytime and nightlife hot spots, so it doesn’t really matter.

Makk Hotel

Hotel with Girls in KampotThe Makk Hotel is one of the best hotels in Kampot and has an average review score of 9.0 on Agoda (see the link below). The rooms have a top standard but at 45 USD, this is also one of the more expensive options you have. But it’s worth it and they may have the most beautiful outdoor bar in all of Kampot (see the picture) with fantastic views over the popular river promenade.

Everything in the Makk Hotel is beautiful, well managed and practical. Your girl will love it and if you tell her that you stay here, she might even lower her price because The Makk is well known as one of the nicest hotels in Kampot. The location is just opposite of the Two Moons Hotel (see above) so you should rent a motorcycle to get to the best bars (unless you don’t mind to walk 20-30 minutes every night – your girl will probably not like that).

Vibola Guesthouse

Girl Friendly Hotel in KampotIf you are looking for a budget hotel in Kampot with room rates for about 20 USD a night, then the Vibola Guesthouse might be a good choice for you. Like you can see in the picture, the rooms look quite new, clean and excellent value for the money.

And the location is even better than the other two mentioned hotels in this guide – it’s right in the town center of Kampot (600m from the Durain Roundabout) and all bars and foreign owned restaurants in downtown are within 3-5 minutes walking distance. Also, the river promenade is just 100m away. And they even have a swimming pool, which is very uncommon for hotels in this price range.