Complete Guide to Girly Bars in Kampot

Kampot is not famous of having a foreigner-oriented red light district and that means you won’t find a big girly bar scene like in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap. Before you stop reading now: There are some bars in Kampot with “open-minded” Khmer girls, but they are not employed by the bar.

Sounds confusing? It isn’t. In Cambodia there are two types of bars: Hostess bars (or KTVs) where you would walk in and pay for a girl to sit and drink with you (usually in form of lady drinks). And the other type are the regular bars that don’t have any girls employed but that are frequented by “normal” girls who are just out for fun and maybe want to meet a nice foreigner.

The 3 Best Girly Bars in Kampot

I’m a little reluctant to even use the world “girly bar” in this town, because technically these are regular bars and on some nights you will see a few nice girls. But you can never really be sure about that, Kampot is far from a typical destination for sex tourists.

That said, these are the currently three best bars (that often have girls) in Kampot:

  • Oh Neil’s Irish Bar
  • Nelly’s Bar
  • Kenny’s Bar

Oh Neil’s Irish Bar has long been a favorite among hippies smoking weed all night long. Fortunately, things slowly turn to the better, but like you can see in my picture, it still got a touch of the old days:

Kampot Bar

The only Khmer girl you may see here though is the lovely bar tender. And on some nights you may be luckier and there’s a group of single Kampot ladies sitting on a table. Still quite a nice place and iconic are their money notes from around the world hanging all around the place as well as coins fitted in the wooden bar.

And then there are Nelly’s Bar and Kenny’s Bar, both of them are small expat bars and great to have a few one dollar pints before heading out to the night clubs:

Kampot Expat Bars

And that’s pretty much everything there is to say on the topic of girly bars in Kampot. You might be a bit surprised by looking at my pictures – this doesn’t really look very exciting. Well, that’s how it is. Those are the best foreigner-oriented bars with girls in Kampot. It’s a very laid back town with relatively few tourists, so if you want more hustle and bustle then you might better stay in PP.

However, if you enjoy a relaxed and easy going atmosphere with cheap drinks and some girls, then you will probably have a great time in Kampot. And there are good news if you dare to visit some of the non-touristic nightlife spots in town:

KTVs and Karaoke Bars in Kampot

Kampot Bar GirlThe best girly bars in Kampot are really the KTVs and karaoke bars. This is where the local Khmer guys go if they want to enjoy themselves with young and attractive girls. Of course you are welcome as a foreigner, too, but you should really know how things work in these places:

You walk in and talk to the manager. He will inform you of the prices (usually 10 USD for the room rental, 5 USD per girl per hour to “entertain” you and about 2-3 USD per beer. They often offer you a package with 24 beers for about 40 USD, that’s what the Khmer and Asian customers usually order). And if you get on well with your girl, then you can ask her if she wants to join you to your hotel to watch a movie (just joking, for sex of course) and a fair price for that would be around 50 USD, but it’s always negotiable.

There are two types of these bars in Kampot:

The big KTV complexes, mostly located on the other side of the river, as well as the small karaoke bars (see the picture to the right), mostly located in the town center.

The main problem with the KTVs (and especially the smaller karaoke bars) is that the girls usually don’t speak English. They may know a few words if you are lucky but I can tell you from my own experience that you often just sit there with your hand on the leg of a hot girl and desperately try to make some sort of conversation. It’s more giggling than really talking because they often don’t understand you. The English skills are usually better in the big KTV complexes, but the prices are obviously more expensive there.

If you are interested in more details on the KTVs and karaoke bars (and the locations), as well as all other places to meet girls in this town – you can find it all in my Kampot nightlife guide.

Meeting Girls in Naga Bar & Banyan Tree Kampot

Girls in Kampot Bar

Apart from the expat bars and KTVs/karaoke bars, there are also two other popular party places in Kampot: Naga Bar & Banyan Tree. Both are located in a very quiet area in the northern end of town, and on the other side of the river. You will definitely need your own transportation (motorbike) to get there as it’s too far to walk from downtown and the street in that area is quite dark, too.

Both places are really a mix of bar and night club, and so I decided to describe them in more detail in my guide to the best night clubs in Kampot. But it doesn’t really matter what you call them – these are great places for a relaxed drink and like you can see in my picture of Naga Bar above, there are a few lovely and tan skinned Khmer girls around and you can imagine why they come here: To meet a nice foreigner.

There you have the three different places to meet girls in Kampot’s nightlife: The girly bars (or rather expat bars with some girls on some nights) the KTVs/karaoke bars and the night clubs.

Locations of Girly Bars in Kampot

Prices in Kampot’s Girly Bars

Since you are reading this guide I’m sure this is not your first time in Cambodia (otherwise you would rather be interested in the more touristic places like Siem Reap or Sihanoukville) and that’s why you probably know already that the drink prices in Cambodia are very reasonable – you could even say cheap if you compare it to Thailand or Vietnam.

That’s no different here in Kampot: Of course you can get draft beer (mugs) for 1 USD, spirits for 2-3 USD and cocktails for 3-4 USD. That was the short version – and just so you get the full overview I took a photo of the drink menu at Oh Neil’s Irish Bar last week:

Kampot Girly Bar Drink Menu

And this is everything you need to know about the girly bar scene in Kampot. Once again, don’t expect anything like Street 136 in Phnom Penh or Victory Hill in Sihanoukville. Kampot is much more laid back, but if you know where to go (now you do) then you should not have any problems to find yourself in bed with a lovely Khmer girl by the end of your night.

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